Benefits of Martial Arts: Confidence

Honor, Courtesy, Respect, Confidence, Perseverance, Self-Control. What do all of these have in common? They are different life skills that martial arts works to teach students every day. Each day kids are bombarded with thousands of influences from the TV shows they watch to the activities they participate in. What influences do you want your child engaged with?

As a martial arts instructor one of the things I see everyday is students being blasted with the wrong type of influences. We say that we want them to be engaged but we let them stay in front of a TV all day or we let the play on their games system. What we need is to get our kids involved in activities that change their life. When students engage in positive activities like martial arts, they learn life skills that can’t be learned from a TV.

Confidence is probably one of the benefits that kids are searching for. I believe that confidence is lacking in most kids today because they are not given a chance to engage in an activity that can build confidence. If you have your kids enrolled in a martial arts program make sure that your instructor is building your child up. Don’t get me wrong, your instructor should discipline your child if they are misbehaving but they should never berate your child.

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